Wedded to War

Setting: New York City, Washington City and the Virginia Peninsula.

Time: 1861 – 1862

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In Wedded to War, tending the Union army’s sick and wounded would mean leaving Phineas Hastings, the man Charlotte Waverly’s mother, Caroline, approved of, for an existence Caroline could not understand. To honor the father she lost to Cholera, Charlotte chose a life of service over privilege—just as her childhood friend, Caleb Lansing, had when he became a military doctor. She quickly discovers that she’s combating more than just the Rebellion by working in the hospitals. Would the two men who love her stand by and watch as she fights her own battles? Or would their desire for her wage war on her desire to serve God?

She fought to get her place, and she fought even harder to keep it.





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Discussion Guide: Wedded to War
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From Wedded to War
Here you can view the first pages of Wedded to War, scan the contents and read a note on the Sanitary Commission.

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J. Augustine
“If this is Jocelyn Green’s debut novel, wow, what will the next be like?! I was amazed by this book! The flavor, the very writing style, of Wedded to War is Civil War Era. I have read quite a few books from the 1800’s for school so I have become somewhat familiar with the writing patterns from that time, this book has it! I was very impressed with the author’s attention to detail. Not only were there things that I recognized from reading books from the time period but I also learned a lot of new things. I love...
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Midwest Book Review
In 1861, The War Between the States surfaces several Union Army inadequacies. One of the most glaring is the understaffed Medical Department that has few combat experienced doctors and is totally not ready for war. In New York City, several women want to enlist as nurses and other medical staff helpers. One of them is twenty-eight year old Charlotte Waverly from an affluent family. Everyone she knows thinks she is inane to believe she can become a combat nurse as upper class females are too pampered. Her boyfriend strongly objects making it...
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Cafe Lily Book Reviews
Just when I think I can’t love historical fiction, more than I already do, a book like Wedded to War comes along. At 384 pages, this is a thick book, but the time flew by for me as I became completely immersed in the story. First book in the Heroines Behind The Lines series, this is the writing of a seasoned professional. The story of Charlotte Waverly absolutely came alive and I could visually imagine the sights and sounds, described in the writing. Charlotte has been raised in privilege but feels called to do more with her life, than simply...
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Kathleen L. Maher
Jocelyn Green is on my figurative dart board. She has written the consummate portrait of a Civil War nurse, and that riles me, as a long-time student and writer of Civil War era fiction. Her attention to detail and stellar research truly saturate each page of this story. Her debut fiction novel is based on the diary of Georgeanna Woolsey, a young lady of privilege from Manhattan who leaves behind her posh salons and world-class dining and theater to forge the way for women to serve the war effort. So my first dart aimed at this author is, I...
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Laurie Alice Eakes
“This novel left me in awe—of Jocelyn Green’s talent in telling a fabulous story, in her attention to historical detail, and how she brings to life a unique aspect of the Civil War.” ~Laurie Alice Eakes, author of Heart’s Safe Passage
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Julie Lessman
“A haunting Civil War epic, Wedded to War is a rich historical tapestry interwoven with a gentle love story that will steal both your heart and your sleep. Mark my words, Jocelyn Green is an author to watch — and read — over and over again.” ~ Julie Lessman, award-winning author of the Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change series
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Sarah Sundin
“Fascinating, dramatic, and romantic. Wedded to War by Jocelyn Green sheds light on the harrowing world of Civil War nursing through the eyes of a delightful heroine. Detailed research and a powerful message about mercy make this story a keeper.” ~Sarah Sundin, award-winning author of the Wings of Glory series
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Ann Byle
“Jocelyn Green lends her considerable talent to a tale both historically interesting and emotionally absorbing. Her Heroines Behind the Lines series is sure to draw readers eager for accurate stories of the Civil War, but also grab readers yearning for well-drawn characters who battle forces bigger than themselves in a quest for acceptance, grace, and love. Wedded to War does a fine job with both.” ~Ann Byle, author of The Making of a Christian Bestseller
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Dr. Lori Ginzberg
“Although fictional, Wedded to War brings to life the important, and often dismissed, story of women’s entrance into Civil War nursing – and, in particular, the virulent opposition they faced from military doctors. It reminds us all that the access to employment and political rights that American women take for granted were achieved on deeply-contested ground, and that women showed both ambition and courage in opposing those who wished to defend their own turf.” ~ Dr. Lori Ginzberg, Professor of History & Women’s Studies, Penn State...
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Kristina Seleshanko
“Jocelyn Green’s exceptional Wedded to the War kept me up late at night wanting to read ‘just one chapter more.’ Set amid the tragedy of the Civil War, Green explores characters both seedy and honorable as they wade their way through life trying to determine who to love and who to serve. A story of grace and promise, Wedded to the War just became one of my favorite historical novels. ~Kristina Seleshanko, author of 60 Civil War-Era Fashion Patterns, Victorian & Edwardian Fashions for Women and other books
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Carol Kammen
“They said that war was no place for women, but in 1861 women went to war: they battled public opinion, the fears of their families, the disdain of the medical establishment, and the suspicions of the military. The soldiers, ill, wounded, and dying appreciated their presence as women ran laundries and food kitchens, nursed, and organized hospital work at a time of disorganization. Wedded to War is based on extensive research. The letters of Georgeanna Woolsey provided the inspiration for the novel’s main character, Charlotte, who obtains...
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Nora St. Laurent
“Powerful, deep, and heartfelt, Wedded to War swept me away with its gripping story and cast of conflicted characters. It moved me, and it marked me. This is one book I can’t forget—nor would I want to, for it was woven from the fabric of our history. Wedded to War is meant to be experienced and shared with others. With so much to discuss held within its pages, it’s a top choice for book clubs!” ~Nora St. Laurent, co-founder and CEO of The Book Club Network, columnist for Christian Fiction Online magazine, former ACFW (American Christian...
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Jane Hampton Cook
“Jocelyn Green has taken a little-known historical gem from the Civil War and turned it into a treasure chest through engaging characters and a beautifully-written story.” ~Jane Hampton Cook, presidential historian and author of Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War
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Shelly Beach
“In Wedded to War, the first in a new series of historical novels, author Jocelyn Green explores the complex social and cultural constraints placed upon nurses during the Civil War era. She gives the reader a glimpse at the challenges women faced navigating a man’s world while striving to make changes that would forever influence the way wounded soldiers were cared for by the military. An insightful yet entertaining read for those who enjoy history, fiction, romance, or exploring the interplay between male and female relationships in the work...
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Mary Nichelson
“Wedded To War is a timeless historical novel honoring the strength of women during the early years of the Civil War. Their compassion comes alive in Jocelyn Green’s tribute to the unknown heroes who became self-sacrificing in serving wounded soldiers. Readers of historical fiction will appreciate the abundance of authentic detail found on every page.” ~Mary Nichelson, lead journalist for The Wordsmith Journal Magazine
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Finding Hope through Fiction
…Wow, what an amazing story based on real women in history. When I finished the last page of this book I was changed, much like how I felt after watching Dances with Wolves and Gone with the Wind. Both movies opened my eyes to things I never thought of before or knew existed and it changed how I viewed periods of American history. If only our history book in school was this exciting and memorable. Grin! This is a great book club pick as there is so much to talk about in it. This book is to be experienced and then shared with friends. I...
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Novel Reviews
…I was instantly drawn into this fascinating story and sympathized with Charlotte, the main character and her family situation. Charlotte is a strong-willed, opinionated woman who loves God with her whole heart.  She faces opposition from her family and friends when she shares she’s call to be a nurse. She also gets some flack from medical organizations she wishes to join. No one could understand why a woman of privilege (who’s never worked a day in her life) wants to volunteer to be a nurse and go into the trenches of war. Was she mad?...
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Genre Go Round Reviews
…Wedded to the War is a great Civil War thriller that focuses on the role of females nurses breaking through a glass barrier that seems inane today with rules like the doctor is always right even at the cost of the patient’s life or limbs; as we have come a long way (but have a long way to go). Character driven, readers will believe they are working alongside of Charlotte as she helps the injured, assist other women and meets Caleb who supports her efforts as a nurse. Paying homage to Civil War nurse Georgeanna Woolsey, Jocelyn Green...
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